• Real Life English provides English conversations based on practical, real life situations common for people living in North America. English conversations on this site are created by either writing down or recording what we actually experience in the United States and Canada. The English conversations have been edited by native English speaking Canadians. Not only can you study English, but you will also learn real market prices for products and services such as repair costs, typical fees for basic services such as dental fees, and average prices for day to day items.
  • One great advantage to study English here at “Real Life English” is that you can see the terms and words that are commonly used while learning from real native speaker’s conversations. By studying our practice conversations, you can begin to anticipate what kinds of questions will be asked by English speaking people. You can be prepared with an answer next time. You will also be able to master changing the time for reservation and learning negotiation techniques such as price negotiation. We are planning to add audio to assist your practice and include Japanese translations.
  • Our conversations are written in Canadian English. (Therefore, “Center” in U.S. becomes “Centre”, and “Neighbor” in U.S. becomes “Neighbour” and so on.)
  • Real Life English offers some advice and information to help you. There is a community of other members, many of whom will share your interests and concerns. You can join or create a group with other users living in North America and exchange information.
  • You can create your very own blog at Real Life English. Blog postings are publicly available on the Internet, they are not restricted to site members. You can also write in your native language but you might as well write in English as it is another way to build your English skills. Please challenge yourself when you feel like it! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes in English. We are planning to create a check button, "Please correct my English and comment" for those who want to improve their English.
  • Our purpose is that you have a better life in North America. If you are currently living in, or will move to North America, we hope that you will be able to make friends through the RLE community.
  • This site welcomes those of you who would like to improve your English Skills even though you are not planning to come to North America. By all means, please use this site!
  • * 2 Canadians, 1 Korean and 1 Japanese volunteers are involved with Real Life English.