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im kris
"the" before a country's name
Longman Prepartion Course for TOFEL
Holiday Baking
Hiring a tutor to prepare for the TOFEL exam
A positive way to say "look still young"
A question about the usage of "Have a cold"
Car insurance, Home insurance, and life insurance
Are there any difference among three sentences?
Above or over?
Need help to check on a sentence's grammar and structure
What does it mean to "Bundle up"?
What is English? Cambridge English Corpus
Good sites for learning English Grammar?
How good is grammar in Cambridge?
Where in the world would you like to live?
"Anyone" and "Someone"
What words in English need to start with a Capital LETTER?
Why is Lounge Room 2 words whereas Bathroom/Bedroom is one?
How do I accept a friend request?
What is the difference between interrupting you and bother you?
What is windchill factor ?
Season1_ep.1: “So do I get first crack at her?”
Season1_ep.1: Little phrases used that keep the conversation flowing
Season 1_Ep.1: The nuance of the conversation
Practicing English in Atlantic City, NJ
what does the kind of this energy?
Learning English from YouTube: Offers, Gratitude, Apologies and Requests
Learning English with You Tube Videos
News & Weather website for Immigrants
Practicing Telephone Conversations
Where to study ESL in California
ESL in Ottawa
ESL Schools in Southern California
Renting in Bermuda
Marriage Traditions
Kissing the Cod
A few links to get started
Valentine's Day Traditions in Canada