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If you had access to a free ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, what would you like to practice? Lily Brown Vote
What kind of Christmas tree do you like? Lily Brown Vote
How do you plan to take the TOFEL exam? Lily Brown Vote
I'm from Spain, and last year it's been a real turmoil regarding immigration issue, mainly in Ceuta & melilla. This Summer it's been the turn of France and the UK (Calais), Do you agree to share the immigration burden among every EU country? Vote
Do you volunteer in your community? Lily Brown Vote
What is the best time of day to chat using Real Life English? Lily Brown Vote
What are you doing to celebrate Canada Day? Lily Brown Vote
When you go camping, do you . . . ? Lily Brown Vote
Why do you use your bicycle? Lily Brown See Results
Tough Grammar Question of the Day: Which is correct? admin Vote
Which is a correct use of the phrase; "to pig out" admin Vote
If you could live in one of these English speaking countries, which one would you choose? admin Vote
Would you attend an English Club Meeting in your City even if you didn't know anyone else? admin Vote
Which male movie would you most like to meet? admin Vote
What is the best way to learn real English? admin Vote
What is a good public Elementary school in East Honolulu? gabucimi Vote
What is your favorite beach in San Diego? admin Vote
What is your favorite Bar in Bermuda? DougChase Vote
What is your favorite Island? admin Vote
Favorite Burger admin Vote
What is your favorite ski hill in the Ottawa area? Lily Brown Vote
どこのドッグフードをあげていますかl。 kaorid See Results
帰国する際、どこの航空会社を使っていますか。 Miko Vote
What was your experience moving to the US like? gabucimi See Results
どの石鹸を使ってますか。 Miko Vote
First Poll in Ottawa Group admin Vote