test conversation number 2
test conversation with field types
Christmas Shopping
Practice conversation one
Phoning a moving company
Calling a Snow Removal Company
Phoning the telephone company
Phoning automotive glass company to replace the windshield
Phoning to a gas company to inform the closing day of your house
Activating a credit card
Calling to cancel your gas service (When you sell your home)
Calling to cancel your Cable TV service
Phoning the telephone company
General Questions at Store Cash Register
Phoning to request gas service for your new home
Phoning the Cable TV Company to order service
Withdrawing your child from the nursery school
Switching the date to volunteer for nursery school with another mother
Calling to a day care center about possibility of enrolling of your child
Visiting a Nursery School Open House
Informing the teacher about a child's Allergies
Getting permission to go to the washroom
Discussing French Immersion option with School Canada)
Parent / Teacher Interview regarding student grades
Parent / Teacher Interview: Child behavior problem
Asking about School Lunch "Pizza and Hamburger day"
Asking about a "Hot Meal" option at school
Phoning School to Inform them that Child will be late
Phoning school to report child is sick and will not attend
Child Identified as "Gifted student" by School
ESL Language Assessment for Child entering School
School Registration. Immunization & Language Assessment
Talking to the Neighbour about Staining the Fence
Talking with the Neighbour about installing a fence
Talking with the Neighbour about Trimming a Tree
Talking about summer holiday
Asking about community center at the park
Asking about a babysitter
Talking with your neighbour
Introducing yourself to your neighbour
Inquiring about insurance coverage
Phoning for a tow truck
Phoning a taxi company to make a reservation
Hailing a Taxi
Letting the bus driver know where you want to get off the bus
Phoning to ask about bus schedules
Purchasing a Monthly Bus Pass
Phoning the airline for seat assignments
Appointment to change all season tires to winter tires
Buying winter tires